Samantha Jones



I am Physiotherapist with a specialist interest in Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation. In 2012 Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital was awarded Major Trauma Centre status and I was appointed as a Major trauma Co-ordinator. Through this role I established systems which formed the foundations for an effective major trauma service. I also worked with the Trauma and Audit Research Network (TARN) to conduct a study relating to the national epidemiology of children’s femoral fractures.

In 2018 I started an NIHR doctoral fellowship the aim of which is to develop a valid and reliable questionnaire to measure the needs of injured children and their families; ‘The Manchester Needs Tool for Injured Children’ (MANTIC). The questionnaire is designed to measure needs after hospital discharge and throughout trajectory of recovery. My aspiration is to progress with a clinical academic career and use the MANTIC to provide a national overview of children’s rehabilitation needs.

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